Breakout at Mureille’s Place – 12 yr old Harley!!!!

Busy morning, as usual, here at Mureille’s Place, but today we had some extra excitement. We had a breakout!!! 12 yr old Harley the Beagle who came to us from a kill shelter in Kentucky.

Harley had been out front in his big fenced in play area sniffing around. Everyone else in his group was done and went back inside. He likes it outside and I indulge him and let him putter around out there all morning if he wants while I get everyone else taken care of.  He’s a typical Beagle and experiences life through his nose and we have plenty of rabbits that sneak in during the night. He loves following their scent and looking for them. He doesn’t find any. They’re long gone by morning and that keeps him busy and happy while I go about the routine. At the end, he comes back in and settles in for a nap with his pack. God bless him he just loves to hunt rabbits. Still not sure how he got out, but I will be going inch by inch on the fencing for his group this afternoon to make sure it doesn’t happen again! So here’s the story……

We have a strict routine here. Everyone goes out in groups and they potty, then go back in to eat, then go back out for a potty and playtime. We do it in a certain order and it is the same every day, several times a day. It works for us and keeps things running smoothly. Well, I was at the “tail end” of the morning routine and had Buddy’s group out in the back yard. Ahhh!!! Last group then everyone can settle in for the morning nap.
All was going well when I happened to catch the sound of a dog barking off in the distance and thought “oh boy, someone’s dog is loose.” Then I listened a bit closer. Ya know that moment when all of a sudden you have to go to the bathroom like EMERGENCY and you freeze. You’re eyes pop out of your head and you’re like “Oh my God! I gotta go!!!!” THAT is the feeling that came over me when I realized that the barking dog was MINE!!!!Sorry to be graphic but it’s the only analogy I can come up with that is suitable for that moment! Puts you right there, doesn’t it?
So I go running for a leash. Buddy the shepherd starts barking at me as if to say “What the Heck is going on? Where’s the fire?” Angel is in the middle of pooping and he has to be watched in the yard so I had to wait for him to finish. I took that 10 seconds to beg him, in my head not aloud “oh please hurry Angel!” You can’t rush an old dog and if you try they only move slower! Ok, so he finished, I get him in house, hand him a biscuit, close the slider and go running like a wild woman.
Out the back gate, into the woods, through the forest, over the dirt road and into the field behind our property trying to home in on the barking. My legs and lungs are on fire and my heart is pounding out of my chest. I’m sooo NOT a runner! I’m going through sticker bushes, jumping over fallen trees, the gnats are in my face, probably getting covered in ticks and I am just SWEATING head to toe! It has been really humid here the past few days! I’m closing in on him. Sounds like he’s in one spot not running. Thank God!!!
I burst through a whole bunch of….brambles?..I don’t know what to call it….tall weeds and old dead sticker bushes and come up on him. A huge rabbit darts off to the right and makes a run for it into the field of high grass and here comes Harley up and over the rock wall in hot pursuit barking and baying like the hound he is! Tongue hanging, ears flapping, eyes sparkling and I swear he had the biggest smile on his face! I half tackle him and manage to get the leash on him and he is Hell bent on going after that rabbit. I take a look at him to see if he’s hurt or anything and he’s ok. I convince him that we gotta go. I promise a biscuit in exchange for his cooperation and we start heading back to the house winding our way through the brush.
OMG, that ordeal almost gave me a heart attack!!! Harley, on the other hand, had THE TIME OF HIS LIFE! He’ll be telling that story to the other dogs for YEARS!!! He had a big drink of water when we got back, a biscuit as promised, and then settled down in his bed. By now he’s probably on his fourth dream about chasing that rabbit!

About Mureille's Place - A Senior Dog Sanctuary

I operate a small home based 501c3 senior dog rescue called Mureille's Place named for our 1st senior dog Mureille (pronounced Mer-Ray). I eat, sleep and breath senior dogs. I am married to my wonderful husband Kirk.
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1 Response to Breakout at Mureille’s Place – 12 yr old Harley!!!!

  1. Kim Stepanski says:

    Love this story! Thinking of Harley makes me smile even more now.

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