Saving Miss Daisy

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This is 12 yr old Daisy. She is a very sweet Basset Hound and as you can see she is EXTREMELY overweight. Her former owner is an elderly woman who had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. Her family came up from Florida to take care of Daisy. When they were told that their mother would not be able to return home and would have to go into a nursing home they were devastated. They also began a search for somewhere for Daisy to go to because unfortunately for Daisy, she would not be able to come to Florida with them.

They found Mureille’s Place, but we were full and I could not say yes. I immediately started a search for a foster or adopter or anyone who could take her because euthanasia was being considered as a solution. My heart was breaking. I HAD to find someone!!! 100 phone calls/texts/emails later I had 2 people as possibilities. Carol and Michelle. I called the family and told them to bring her down! Yeah!

Now, I was told she was overweight and had some tumors and could do a step or two but I was still surprised when I saw Daisy. She was sooooo heavy and the tumor on her tail looked terrible. She could hardly move and she tried to follow the dogs up the steps to the big yard but could not hoist herself up. It took us 15 minutes, but I  helped her get up those steps. If she had the will then I was going to do all I could to help her get up there. It was at that point that I came to the realization that there was no way I could place her in a foster home in this condition. This was going to be to big of a burden on someone and I just could do it. She needed to be here with the pack. This was life or death.

We had a few things happen during the search for Daisy’s foster home. Bailey the Maltese got adopted and went into a wonderful home and Bailey the Chihuahua/Doxi mix was diagnosed with cancer. Also, Bandit the Chihuahua/Min Pin mix started having trouble walking and his appetite plummeted. I made the decision to move Bailey and Bandit upstairs with the big pack so I could keep a closer eye on them. Those events opened up a space for Daisy with Buddy-George and Fred the 15 yr old Basset Hound. A solution. Thank God!!!!

Her first night was a bit confusing for her. She was in a new place with dogs she never met and coming from an “only dog home” this was all new to her. The boys were nice to her and welcomed her. If you know Buddy-George then you know that means he tried to hump her and she gave him what for. LOL! Hey, a guy’s gotta try, right? Fred was more of a gentleman.

She went to the vet ( Dr. Kutish at Wyoming Veterinary Hospital) a few days ago and got her shots and an exam. She weighs a whopping 66 lbs! At 12, and in the condition she is in, the tumor on her tail will have to stay. She can not go under anesthesia. The vet found a multitude of tumors of all shapes and sizes all over her but he was pleasantly surprised that her teeth were as good as they are. No major illnesses except the obesity so far.

Our mission now is to get this weight off of her and get her more mobile. She went on her first pack walk with Fred and Buddy George on Sunday. We didn’t go too far and she was a little slow on the way back, but she did it! Every step gets us closer to the goal. We want to make her comfortable and as healthy as we can. That means good food in the proper quantities and exercise and good care.

If you’re local and would like to be part of saving Miss Daisy, please contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 to arrange a visit. She needs frequent walks and would LOVE the extra attention. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on her progress! Dog Bless!



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I operate a small home based 501c3 senior dog rescue called Mureille's Place named for our 1st senior dog Mureille (pronounced Mer-Ray). I eat, sleep and breath senior dogs. I am married to my wonderful husband Kirk.
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