Saving Miss Daisy

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This is 12 yr old Daisy. She is a very sweet Basset Hound and as you can see she is EXTREMELY overweight. Her former owner is an elderly woman who had a stroke and ended up in the hospital. Her family came up from Florida to take care of Daisy. When they were told that their mother would not be able to return home and would have to go into a nursing home they were devastated. They also began a search for somewhere for Daisy to go to because unfortunately for Daisy, she would not be able to come to Florida with them.

They found Mureille’s Place, but we were full and I could not say yes. I immediately started a search for a foster or adopter or anyone who could take her because euthanasia was being considered as a solution. My heart was breaking. I HAD to find someone!!! 100 phone calls/texts/emails later I had 2 people as possibilities. Carol and Michelle. I called the family and told them to bring her down! Yeah!

Now, I was told she was overweight and had some tumors and could do a step or two but I was still surprised when I saw Daisy. She was sooooo heavy and the tumor on her tail looked terrible. She could hardly move and she tried to follow the dogs up the steps to the big yard but could not hoist herself up. It took us 15 minutes, but I  helped her get up those steps. If she had the will then I was going to do all I could to help her get up there. It was at that point that I came to the realization that there was no way I could place her in a foster home in this condition. This was going to be to big of a burden on someone and I just could do it. She needed to be here with the pack. This was life or death.

We had a few things happen during the search for Daisy’s foster home. Bailey the Maltese got adopted and went into a wonderful home and Bailey the Chihuahua/Doxi mix was diagnosed with cancer. Also, Bandit the Chihuahua/Min Pin mix started having trouble walking and his appetite plummeted. I made the decision to move Bailey and Bandit upstairs with the big pack so I could keep a closer eye on them. Those events opened up a space for Daisy with Buddy-George and Fred the 15 yr old Basset Hound. A solution. Thank God!!!!

Her first night was a bit confusing for her. She was in a new place with dogs she never met and coming from an “only dog home” this was all new to her. The boys were nice to her and welcomed her. If you know Buddy-George then you know that means he tried to hump her and she gave him what for. LOL! Hey, a guy’s gotta try, right? Fred was more of a gentleman.

She went to the vet ( Dr. Kutish at Wyoming Veterinary Hospital) a few days ago and got her shots and an exam. She weighs a whopping 66 lbs! At 12, and in the condition she is in, the tumor on her tail will have to stay. She can not go under anesthesia. The vet found a multitude of tumors of all shapes and sizes all over her but he was pleasantly surprised that her teeth were as good as they are. No major illnesses except the obesity so far.

Our mission now is to get this weight off of her and get her more mobile. She went on her first pack walk with Fred and Buddy George on Sunday. We didn’t go too far and she was a little slow on the way back, but she did it! Every step gets us closer to the goal. We want to make her comfortable and as healthy as we can. That means good food in the proper quantities and exercise and good care.

If you’re local and would like to be part of saving Miss Daisy, please contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 to arrange a visit. She needs frequent walks and would LOVE the extra attention. Well, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on her progress! Dog Bless!


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2 More Introductions!!! Sadie & Max

Still playing catch up with the blog. Life is so busy caring for these seniors, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

So we took in Sadie at the end of October. She is a 12 1/2 yr old red and white beagle who is just the sweetest little doll baby you ever met. Her previous owner has some medical conditions that were making it tough to care for Sadie and they found us to help. She is in the group with Buddy George, Bailey, and Bandit and gets along fine with them all. I can’t say enough about how nice she is. She loves to lounge on the couch or outside in the sun and snooze. She’s very inquisitive and sniffs everything she can when she’s out prancing around in the yard. You should see her run. Tail up, ears flopping, oh the joy in her face. Pure joy. She is really enjoying the freedom of the fenced in areas. She doesn’t particularly like going out in the rain, but hey, who does? She loves her biscuits and takes them ever so gently when offered. Just a sweet, sweet dog. She is available for adoption. If interested call or text Barbara at 570-579-8172 or email


And now for Max. Oh, poor Max. He just arrived here last week. His owner went into a nursing home and he was shuffled from one family member to another just to be brought to a shelter. Thank God the shelter was one that would do all it could to find a safe place for a sweet old senior like Max and not just put him down to save some space and money. I never even opened the attached picture in the email. I just replied back that we would help him.

Max is a 15 yr old male Poodle/Maltese mix and he’s blind. He has little to no hearing and a few other health issues. One of which is a type of hernia. Like most seniors, he is sweet as pie and likes to sleep. He is very thin and we are working on getting some meat back on those bones. He likes the food we have and I add a little shredded chicken on top to make sure he eats it all. His nose gets him to his bowl faster than you would think. He has had a few overnight accidents, but at his age, it is not surprising. He loves to wander around outside with Waldo, Wolfie and Chance. He is a peanut compared to all of them. They have been so good with him. He clunks into them from time to time, but they just move out of his way and let him by. When he first arrived last week, he was circling and circling trying to get his bearings I guess. Geez, he was making me dizzy just watching him and I would try to guide him but he wanted to figure out the boundaries on his own. LOL! He is not circling hardly at all now and can walk around outside without help from me.

He is adjusting quite well and I am glad. I would not say he is unadoptable, but it would take a really special person who has experience with a blind/deaf dog to adopt him. I predict he will be here at the Sanctuary for whatever time he has left, and that’s ok. If its weeks or months, we will give him everything he needs and he will be comfortable and happy for all his days.

IMG_0953 IMG_0955 IMG_0956

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Welcome Bandit & Chance!!!

Shame on me! Thought I had posted this in September and it was sitting in the drafts! Oy!

We have 2 new residents here at the Sanctuary. Bandit is a 10-12 yr old male Chihuahua mix and Chance is a 13 yr old female Husky mix.

Bandit came to us from a good samaritan, or should I say a family of good samaritans, who just couldn’t bring him to the kill shelter. He was a stray who ended up on their doorstep and they did their best to find his owner but to no avail. He was posted all over Facebook and of course reported to the Luzerne County SPCA & the Dog Warden but no one came forward. Poor Bandit.

God bless those sweet people that found our rescue. They knew that bringing him here was the best thing that they could do for him, but we were all in tears as they were getting ready to leave. He had been with them for just 2 weeks, but it proved harder than they realized it would be to walk away. From my perspective, that really touched me. I meet people all the time who have owned a dog for 10+ years and give it up without blinking an eye. This family was special. They were strangers to this dog, yet, in just 2 weeks, built a bond of love with Bandit. I wonder what kind of bond the real owner had. Was it as strong? Or was this little guy tossed to the curb like yesterday’s trash because he’s old and has a few medical issues. We’ll never know.

Bandit is very sweet and is available for adoption. He is a great kisser and is getting along well with Buddy George and Bailey. He is fixed, up to date on shots and is house trained. He loves to sleep as most of my seniors here do. Bandit is in heaven when he is  being petted and getting plenty of attention. He is very attentive to people and would make a wonderful companion. Contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 or via email ( if you are interested in adopting him.

IMG_0708 IMG_0713 IMG_0716 IMG_0735

So let’s talk about Chance! Oh do I LOVE her! She is an angel. Her owner is going through a foreclosure and all the craziness that goes with that and needed a safe place for Chance to go to. In a perfect world, Chance’s owner will find a place that she can take her dog to and will come and reclaim her. I am hopeful, but I am also very realistic. Landlord’s are strict on pets and being an elderly dog on top of that…well, you know how that goes. That being said, her owner has given us permission to re-home her if the opportunity arises. We will do our best to find a home but will also keep our fingers crossed that a reunion will take place some time in the future if we don’t find one right away.

We were able to put her with Waldo & Wolfie and she gets along great with them. She loves to snuggle up in a dog bed and sleep. She has terrible hip dysplasia and is struggling with the stairs. We hope to be moving Waldo’s group to a different area where there are no stairs to go out because Wolfie is struggling with them as well. I just make sure I am behind them and give them support on the back end as they climb. It works out ok.  She had a hard time with the potty routine initially and has had a few accidents but in a matter of no time, she sorted that out as well.

Chance loves to be petted and fawned over. A typical Husky, she has one brown eye and one blue eye and looks like the female version of Duke, another one of our 13 yr old residents. She is sweet as can be and would love to have visitors come and spend time with her. Contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 or via email ( if you are interested in adopting her.

.IMG_0745 IMG_0748



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Luna (AKA the Stray Akita) Has Her Forever Home!



We got our happy ending for the stray Akita we were calling Lady!!!!!

Here she is with her new Mom & Dad! Nancy & Larry adopted her and named her Luna. What a wonderful family. I couldn’t have asked for more in an adoptive family. They absolutely adore her and she will be spoiled for the rest of her life! Her new home even has a swimming pool! She gets to take walks every day in a quiet neighborhood with lots of trees for shade.

Luna, we miss you but couldn’t be happier for you, girl! Have a WONDERFUL life! We’ll NEVER forget you!

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Rest in Peace Kitty

On Friday, July 18, 2014 my worst fears came true. I had just pulled up to the house and got out of my car when I spotted Kitty. He had been gone for a week and I had been worried. There he was huddled under the red Jeep. I walked over. “OMG, sweety! Where have you been?” It was strange that he didn’t come right out to greet me. I crouched down and touched him. He was not moving and panic set in. I pulled him out and could see he had been injured by an animal or something. His poor jaw had been torn open and I could smell the wound. He was crying and I grabbed him and wrapped him in a blanket and got right in the car with him.

I called Mountain Top Animal Hospital letting them know I had an injured cat who was dying and asked if there was a vet on duty. The woman said yes and asked me to hold. We started driving and it felt like an eternity until she got back on the line. I was told they had too many animals having emergencies and that the vet had said they couldn’t see us. To say the least I was outraged. Now I had been going there for over 10 years with my own dogs as well as the rescue’s dogs. I could not believe they could be that in-compassionate and refuse to help. I was stunned. I was not believing what I was hearing. It was like the whole world fell away for a moment. I told the woman to give the vet a message from me and all the dogs in my rescue that he could go #$%^ himself and that they just lost my business. Now what.

There is another vet in Mountain Top. We rushed over there. They wouldn’t help me either and suggested I drive 45 minutes up to the emergency room. Kitty didn’t have that much time left. I walked out of there stunned as well. No one would help me. I was heart-broken. I put Kitty down on the hood of the Jeep still wrapped in the blanket and kissed him and stroked his soft fur for a minute. I then cradled him back in my arms and we got back in the car and drove back to the Sanctuary. Back to the one place he knew and loved and felt safe. He died in my arms and I cried like you do when no one is watching. My heart was broken. Just like that he was gone.

He was the neighbor’s cat. His “real name” was Stewie, but we always called him Kitty. A gift from his girlfriend I believe. One I don’t think he wanted or even cared about. I figured that when the girlfriend left, Kitty was pretty much on his own. He showed up here out of no where February 2009. It was late at night and it was snowing. He was all beat up and we brought him inside. He spent the rest of the winter in the Mureille’s Place office getting better. Those were the days of Mattie the Chocolate Lab and while he was here, she spent most of her time sniffing at him through the door and scratching the hell out of the door trying to dig her way in so she could get him. Even after I found out who is owner was and he went home, I left the marks on the door as a reminder….of him and sweet Mattie. They are still there today and I smile when I see them.

I like to think he crawled from wherever he had been hiding while trying to get better to get to me because he knew I loved him and that I would help him. Since that snowy night when he showed up I have been feeding him and caring for him and loving him. I patched him up on more than one occasion. He had his own couch outside to nap on and his food bowl was always full. He even had a heated cat condo for the winter. He would come up on the deck almost every night for a bowl of wet dog food and to sleep in a safe place when he wanted to. He was always around to greet anyone who stopped by. He would pop out of everywhere like he was our own personal watch cat. He escorted me down to the street on “garbage night” and kept my Nova free from mice when I was able to keep the windows open when we had the big tent up. He would sit and watch me shovel the driveway in the winter and pop into the Jeep when I had the doors open to unload groceries or anything. He would always come out and greet me when I came home from work.

He loved our volunteers but he especially loved Bill. He would always come running out when Bill came because Bill would bring him vanilla ice cream. Oh he loved that! Not a drop would be left in the bowl. LOL!

Kitty gave me and really everyone he met so much joy. I think we all have our favorite “Kitty story”. (Feel free to add yours in the comment section or email it to me) Kitty tried to befriend most of the dogs here but there were only a few that accepted his friendship. Bailey the Chihuahua/Doxi & Chaos the German Shepherd. Everyone else either barked at him or chased him off when he would sneak into the yard. Wes chased him every day until he could no longer see and even then he would smell him and perk up and try to figure out where he was. Kitty ran like the wind right past him and up the deck steps and into my arms. LOL! What a rebel. He would take the chance of meeting up with one of the dogs just to get up to see me.

On many a night you could find him curled up in my lap while I sat on the deck drinking coffee at the end of the day. He let me pull off the ticks and scratch him and love on him. He’d snuggle in and sleep in my lap until it was time for me to head to bed. I ended so many nights with Kitty that way.

I miss him so much. He was a fixture here. Always around. He was a “once in a lifetime” cat and he lived life on his own terms.  His paw print like so many others is embedded on my heart and I am a better person for having known him. Run free at the Bridge Kitty. I will see you there one day but in the meantime, keep Chaos company, ok? I will love you forever, Kitty.





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Ice Cream Party with Bill!!!

June 29, 2014. It was EXCRUCIATINGLY hot here in northeast PA and what better way to cool off than with icecream!!!!

We were joined for the afternoon by one of our most beloved volunteers, Bill, and everyone got a Paws Frozen treat. Waldo wins the prize for most enthusiastic. He was up on his back legs begging for his…ok, he was trying to take his before being given it, but doesn’t the pic look like he’s begging? Let’s go with that story. LOL! Aww, we love you Waldo!

Thank you Bill for the ice cream, your wonderful company and your never ending support for these senior dogs. We are so grateful to you and your generosity and are so blessed to have you as a friend. Thank you again! We ALL love you!!!!!

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Mureille is back from the grave… wait…who are you???? Stray Dog Comes To Mureille’s Place

A week ago today…. It was 11:00pm and dark and my nephew was helping me put the garbage out. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was Mureille. OMG! Mureille….wait, how can that be? ……wait, whose dog are you? She was a GORGEOUS Akita. HUGE! 90 lbs we later found out. I took a closer look and approached her slowly. I was hoping she didn’t bite me as I was grabbing for her collar. Nope, no tags. She must be lost, I thought. Now I know every dog that lives on this road. It’s a LONG road. A few miles. This girl I had never seen. She was beautiful. Clean as a whistle so she must not have been out there very long. So we put her in the car and drove around. Surely SOMEONE must be out looking for this dog. Up and down the road we went. It was late and most houses had already turned their lights off for the night. Not a soul was stirring so we headed back to the sanctuary. We brought her into the house and settled her in for the night. I checked Craig’s List for a lost dog ad and found none so I posted her in the lost dog section. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day all of a sudden. We were on a mission to find her owner.

So morning comes and I do the dog routine as I call it and got everyone pottied, played with and settled in for nap time. I made some “Found Dog” signs and posted them. I called the SPCA and reported her and then we went up to the vet to get her scanned for a microchip. No chip. Oy! I was REALLY hoping she had a chip. We stopped at the other local vet’s office but no one there recognized her either. Hmmm. Could she have been dumped at the sanctuary after all?

I didn’t want to believe it. I STILL don’t want to believe it. I get calls all the time to take dogs. When I can, I do, and when I can’t, I do all I can to help someone find a place for their dog to go. I had no call on this girl beforehand. There was no good reason for someone to just drop her off without first asking if I could take her in. So weird to me. Heartbreaking. This girl is so sweet. How could someone do this? I know I know….it happens every day. Not here it doesn’t and it makes me so sad. I have no info on her. No idea if she had shots, needs shots, needs medicine on a daily basis, why her back end is weak, what kind of food she eats, if she has any food aggression or behavior issues…..NOTHING! She’s so confused as to why she’s here. I WISH I could explain it to her.

If this really was a drop off…boy, they didn’t set me up for success. I have my work cut out for me. Don’t get me wrong, she is a VERY well behaved dog and I know I will be able to find her a home, but the extra detective work to get an accurate idea of who she is and what she needs is going to delay getting her into a home. I have to know what kind of dog I am placing. I don’t like taking chances.

So we will take the next few weeks to get to know her and to keep our fingers crossed that her owner will turn up. Maybe she’s the victim of a foreclosure, or a divorce, or maybe her neighbors don’t like dogs and grabbed her. Who knows! Could be any or none of these. I will still keep my fingers crossed that we find her owner. I’d much rather she go home than to a new home. Well, that’s all for now. We’ll keep you posted!

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