Sparki and Tiny – Together Forever

I wrote this post in October 2015 but did not post it and left it in the drafts. Partially because I was having so much difficulty dealing with the two losses so close, but also because Tiny was an owner surrender and I did not want her previous owner to find out that she had passed from a blog entry. I had misplaced her contact info and have recently found her and have spoken to her and feel I can now post this entry. Barb 8/2016

My friends, we recently lost two of our seniors and are heartbroken. Sparki, the 15 yr old chihuahua/fox terrier mix on 10/19/15 and Tiny the 14 yr old chihuahua on 10/27/15.

Sparki was only here a few months and Tiny was here a few years but the loss of each of them only a week apart, hit us very hard. Like I always say, it doesn’t take long for them to steal our hearts and the passing of a new arrival or long term resident is just as heartbreaking.

Sparki was pulled from a kill shelter in PA with only 10 minutes to spare. He was sick and old and the shelter was packed and he was going to be euthanized. A fellow rescuer named Bridget who has asked us before to help pull a senior, reached out to us and we said yes. Sparki arrived late that night with Gabby another fellow rescuer. It was a two hr drive from Philly up to us and he did great in the car. He was coughing and it was suspected that he was in congestive heart failure. A vet visit confirmed that. He had a stage 6 heart murmur as well which is really bad. Initially his breathing was awful and he had the cough that typically accompanies this disease. We got him on medicine and good food to get some weight on his skinny body and plenty of love and attention and he stabilized. He thrived actually.

One of our volunteers, Bill, was interested in adopting Sparki which would have been wonderful, but Sparki, true to his name, was very lively and chased Bill’s cat and we decided it was too stressful on the cat. Sparki was in a pack with Duke, Buddy, Snoopy, Chico, Tiny and Willy. He got along wonderfully with all of them from day one. He was my little lion and sat at the end of the bed and guarded me while I slept. He slept with me and a few others, every night and was my little snuggle buddy. Even with the coughing that came with his illness he was a true gentleman and always turned away from my face to cough or would step away. He loved the freedom here and had access to the yard all day and loved laying in the sun on the deck. He was my shadow. Everywhere I went, there he was.

His last day was such a great day for him. The weather was beautiful and he got to chase the feral cats (from our side of the fence) that roam around beyond our fencing and he got to sit in Bill’s lap for quite a bit of the afternoon. He had a great dinner with chicken on top. He ate every bit of it. I will always remember that day and be grateful that it was so wonderful for him…and me.


Tiny came to us as an owner surrender. She was just a little bit of a thing but she had the heart of a lion. Maybe that’s why her and Sparki were such a good match. They had a sort of love affair with each other. I always laughed because visitors like the cable guy and such would be a bit nervous about the bigger dogs here like Buddy the German Shepherd when the dog they should really be mindful of was Tiny. She was only 5 lbs but she’d grab a pant leg and bark at ya and she always joined the pack when any excitement was going on. She never hurt anyone. It was all just a cute display of personality. Oh we would chuckle. She was a little fire ball. She loved to be cuddled for hours. She would eat her meals standing in her bed. She would stretch her body to reach the food bowl without having to step off the bed. It was funny to watch. She had her own private potty pad in the bathroom and never had to ask to go out. She had a type of irritable bowl syndrome so this was great for her. She’d trot down to her bathroom 10 times a day. Tiny learned to howl years ago from Scooter the hound mix. She’d tilt her head up “coyote style” and belt out a howl with the pack! It was hysterical to me and anyone else who happened to be around and always made me smile. I will miss that. Glad I have it on video.  I am smiling now for the first time since her passing just thinking of her howl.

Oh, Tiny girl. You gave us so many good memories and put many a smile on many a face. I will never forget how you made me feel and I will miss the sound of your nails on the hardwood floors and the warmth of your tiny body snuggled up to me. Run free at the Bridge with Sparki and all the others who wait. I will see you all again some day. Until then, watch over us. All my love and dog bless, Barbara

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I operate a small home based 501c3 senior dog rescue called Mureille's Place named for our 1st senior dog Mureille (pronounced Mer-Ray). I eat, sleep and breath senior dogs. I am married to my wonderful husband Kirk.
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