Welcome Bandit & Chance!!!

Shame on me! Thought I had posted this in September and it was sitting in the drafts! Oy!

We have 2 new residents here at the Sanctuary. Bandit is a 10-12 yr old male Chihuahua mix and Chance is a 13 yr old female Husky mix.

Bandit came to us from a good samaritan, or should I say a family of good samaritans, who just couldn’t bring him to the kill shelter. He was a stray who ended up on their doorstep and they did their best to find his owner but to no avail. He was posted all over Facebook and of course reported to the Luzerne County SPCA & the Dog Warden but no one came forward. Poor Bandit.

God bless those sweet people that found our rescue. They knew that bringing him here was the best thing that they could do for him, but we were all in tears as they were getting ready to leave. He had been with them for just 2 weeks, but it proved harder than they realized it would be to walk away. From my perspective, that really touched me. I meet people all the time who have owned a dog for 10+ years and give it up without blinking an eye. This family was special. They were strangers to this dog, yet, in just 2 weeks, built a bond of love with Bandit. I wonder what kind of bond the real owner had. Was it as strong? Or was this little guy tossed to the curb like yesterday’s trash because he’s old and has a few medical issues. We’ll never know.

Bandit is very sweet and is available for adoption. He is a great kisser and is getting along well with Buddy George and Bailey. He is fixed, up to date on shots and is house trained. He loves to sleep as most of my seniors here do. Bandit is in heaven when he is  being petted and getting plenty of attention. He is very attentive to people and would make a wonderful companion. Contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 or via email (info@mureillesplace.org) if you are interested in adopting him.

IMG_0708 IMG_0713 IMG_0716 IMG_0735

So let’s talk about Chance! Oh do I LOVE her! She is an angel. Her owner is going through a foreclosure and all the craziness that goes with that and needed a safe place for Chance to go to. In a perfect world, Chance’s owner will find a place that she can take her dog to and will come and reclaim her. I am hopeful, but I am also very realistic. Landlord’s are strict on pets and being an elderly dog on top of that…well, you know how that goes. That being said, her owner has given us permission to re-home her if the opportunity arises. We will do our best to find a home but will also keep our fingers crossed that a reunion will take place some time in the future if we don’t find one right away.

We were able to put her with Waldo & Wolfie and she gets along great with them. She loves to snuggle up in a dog bed and sleep. She has terrible hip dysplasia and is struggling with the stairs. We hope to be moving Waldo’s group to a different area where there are no stairs to go out because Wolfie is struggling with them as well. I just make sure I am behind them and give them support on the back end as they climb. It works out ok.  She had a hard time with the potty routine initially and has had a few accidents but in a matter of no time, she sorted that out as well.

Chance loves to be petted and fawned over. A typical Husky, she has one brown eye and one blue eye and looks like the female version of Duke, another one of our 13 yr old residents. She is sweet as can be and would love to have visitors come and spend time with her. Contact Barbara at 570-579-8172 or via email (info@mureillesplace.org) if you are interested in adopting her.

.IMG_0745 IMG_0748




About Mureille's Place - A Senior Dog Sanctuary

I operate a small home based 501c3 senior dog rescue called Mureille's Place named for our 1st senior dog Mureille (pronounced Mer-Ray). I eat, sleep and breath senior dogs. I am married to my wonderful husband Kirk.
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