Updated the website!!!! www.mureillesplace.org is up and running!

FINALLY finished building the website and uploaded it. Still tweaking a few things but let me know what you think! I am loving the new slide shows with the dogs and the one with the volunteers and visitors. If anyone with experience at website creation reads this and would like to help refine it, please message me at info@mureillesplace.org or comment on this post. Thanks!!!

About Mureille's Place - A Senior Dog Sanctuary

I operate a small home based 501c3 senior dog rescue called Mureille's Place named for our 1st senior dog Mureille (pronounced Mer-Ray). I eat, sleep and breath senior dogs. I am married to my wonderful husband Kirk.
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2 Responses to Updated the website!!!! www.mureillesplace.org is up and running!

  1. Tina dittman says:

    I work for the carbon County animal shelter.. About a year ago you helped us with the dog.. We are in a real need for a senior lab mix we have here named Wanda.. She is 13 years old and on medication to help her get around due to arthritis.. She has been here almost a year.. This sweet girl needs a rescue we are a no kill shelter but because of her age and how her days are limited and we don’t want her passing away in a shelter..easier to reach me at 570-926-9157.. We are asking if you’re able to take her in to help her.. Please contact me ASAP on if you don’t able to help this old girl out thank you

  2. I emailed you a response in regards to Wanda…..Barbara

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